Meal Planning + Big Announcement

How to Meal Plan Like a Champ

I’m starting with the big announcement because I just can’t contain myself – and the chances of you reading all the way to the bottom are probably pretty low, let’s be serious – So here it is!

My weekly meal plans are now available to purchase on my website!! So excited to share these with you and to help make your week of healthy eating so much easier.  I go into more detail at the end of this post, so go check it all out, or just hop over to the meal plans here and check them out! 

In my last post I talked about the age-old question “What should I be eating??” and gave you the breakdown of my PHFC approach to balancing your meals and snacks.  I went into detail about striving to balance your meals with Protein, Healthy Fats, and High Fiber Carbohydrates (there’s the PHFC) to satisfy and fuel you all day long so you can stop dieting once and for all and start enjoying the foods that you eat.   

So, in this post I want to talk about putting that into action with some meal planning and meal prepping.  One of the most important parts of creating a healthy lifestyle that lasts is having healthy options available.  I believe strongly in meal planning and taking time to think through your week, the events you have coming up, and the reality of what your week will look like in order to set yourself up for a successful week of eating.  I don’t know the demands of your everyday life, but you do, so think within your reality and come up with creative ways that you can have healthy options at your disposal.

If meal planning and prepping really isn’t your thing, I get it.  There are so many options available for meal delivery services that make eating healthy a breeze.  Green Chef, Sun Basket, Freshly, Whole Foods Delivery (2 hrs in some locations with Prime!), and the list goes on.  There are many local, small business options depending on where you live that might be worth exploring as well.  And hey, if you factor that into your meal plan for the week, great!  Just have a plan, set your intention, and execute the plan. 

3 Tips for Meal Planning and Prepping Successfully.

1. Plan realistically

Think about your week, like really think about the details.  What days do you have long lunch meetings, when are you going out to dinner, what time do you have to get up and get out of the house, are you traveling for work, do you have a late meeting this week, are you working out in the morning or evening, etc. etc. etc. 

Plan within your reality so that you can actually execute a plan that makes sense, don’t set yourself up for failure with unrealistic expectations of what you will be able to accomplish.  Create your meal plan for the week, make your shopping list, and get to the store or order online or send someone to do it for you – whatever!   

Use my new meal plans to help you create a new, exciting, and delicious menu for the week.

2. Shop with purpose

Ok first and foremost bring your list with you to the store.  If you are anything like me you will forget it on the counter at home, so make sure you at least have it when you go shopping.  Then, shop your little heart out.  Get everything you need, double check your list, and maybe find inspiration from the fresh seasonal produce you didn’t expect to find.   

Shopping with purpose doesn’t mean you can’t adapt and be flexible.  If the kale you planned on is looking a little weak but the swiss chard is speaking to you, then go for it.  And, if you happen upon some new, fancy Trader Joe’s delicacy that you must try, then throw it in your cart!  But shopping with a list and with a purpose will help you carry out your plan for the week. 

3.  Meal prep in bulk

With everything purchased and your plan in place, prep as much as you can ahead of time to make your week run smoothly.  That way, when you don’t have time to cook dinner during the week, you don’t have to worry or order take out because you already have something ready to go!

More about the big announcement…

I know that meal planning can seem overwhelming, and you may not know where to start when it comes to even picking recipe, so that is why I created my 6-week meal plan.  I am SO excited to announce that my weekly meal plans are now officially available for you on my website!

My favorite part about this offering is that you can buy one week at a time, skip whenever you want to, pick and choose a week here and there, or you can buy the bundle of all 6 weeks at once.  There’s no obligation or sign up or anything fancy like that at all – just buy the ones you want and get cooking.

Each week has 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners, and 3 snack recipes complete with an organized shopping list and helpful notes about substitutions, additions, or tips about the recipe. 

They are all PHFC balanced, super yummy, and simple to make with real, clean ingredients that will satisfy and fuel you all day long.  With 3 full days of meals you will be able prep in bulk, use the leftovers to fill in for the rest of the week, and take into account days when you go out to eat, aren’t home, or whatever might come up. 

How it works

When you purchase the meal plan, you will receive an email with a downloadable pdf that is yours to keep forever.  The link will las for 24 hours after the initial download.  It will have a note from me, a weekly meal plan snapshot, an organized shopping list, and each recipe that you will need to start cooking.

I am so excited to share this with you and hope that you enjoy all of the yummy, healthy, balanced meals and snacks!

Find your meals plans here.

My PHFC Balanced Approach

In my last post I talked about finding health through a combination of 3 things – your mind, your body, and the foods that you eat.  Each of those components is a world unto itself, so today I am going to start with the one that most people seek me out for – the food.  What should you be eating?  How much should you be eating?  When should you be eating?  Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Pegan, Shmeegan (ok, I made that one up, but you get the picture).  It can seem so overwhelming, so confusing, and like the answer to the “what should I be eating?” question is always changing. 

I focus on more than just food in my approach to health because health encompasses so much more than just the food that we eat.  Food is part of our everyday lives, it can be entwined so intricately with emotion, feelings of worth, sabotage, celebration, and so much more than simply the components of the dish.  So I wanted to simplify it as much as possible to help you finally answer the “what should I be eating?” question in a way that is attainable, sustainable, and just makes sense. Then, you can start exploring the other aspects of health with a full, happy tummy :)

My PHFC Balanced Approach to Eating

Let me explain what that means.  Simply put, calories come from four sources – protein, fat, carbohydrates, and alcohol.  I like to say that we save our alcohol for indulgences (if that’s your thing and you are of age, of course), and focus our attention on the other 3 macronutrients.  No matter the source, you are getting your fuel from protein, fat, and carbs.  It can be a double decker with cheese, side of fries, and a coke, or it can be a field green salad with wild caught salmon, garlic crostini and balsamic vinaigrette.  Either way, you’re looking at protein, fat, and carbs.   

The big issue isn’t the quantity, but rather the quality of the foods that you are eating.  Make the most of the foods you are eating and pack them with as many nutrients as possible.  You can do that easily by remembering these 4 letters – PHFC.  Protein (P), Healthy Fats (HF), and High Fiber Carbohydrates (HFC). 

Balance your meals and snacks with protein, healthy fats, and high fiber carbohydrates throughout the day and you will feel satisfied by the foods you eat, they will sustain you between meals, and you will avoid those blood sugar spikes and crashes that lead to cravings and low energy.  When you focus on PHFC balanced meals, it helps eliminate unhealthy additives, preservatives, fillers, and added sugars as you fill your plate with nutrient dense foods. If you put good quality food into your body, you are more likely to get good quality results.  

Choose quality protein from animal sources, plant based sources, or a combination of the two, healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, and avocados that will fuel your body and brain, and high fiber carbs like fruits and vegetables that will provide sustained energy and fiber for the health of your gut. 

What you eat is important, why you eat it is also important. Starting to balance out your meals and snacks will help you as you begin getting in touch with the foods your body likes and doesn’t like, and listening to the cues your body is giving you about how to fuel yourself the proper amount.

Balancing a PHFC Plate

When you look at your PHFC balanced plate it should look something like this :

½ plate is non-starchy veggies
¼ plate is protein
¼ plate is starchy veggies or whole grain
Garnish with fat

You get to fill in the blanks, you get to choose your own adventure and eat the foods you love without the rules and restrictions or another diet.  Use good quality ingredients, eat real food, fuel your body with nutrients, and enjoy the foods that you eat.

Start taking a look at your meals and snacks. Are they balanced? Maybe you are missing protein at lunch. And then start to connect the dots of how you feel later on. Are you hungry soon after you finish eating? Do you find it really hard to avoid something sweet in the afternoon? Do you overeat at dinner and then find yourself munching that evening? Begin putting these pieces together and observing how the foods you eat make you feel.

Try balancing out your meals and snacks this week using my PHFC approach and let me know how you felt!

Stay healthy, friends!

Mind. Body. Food.

Health in Mind, Body, and Food

In my last post I talked about the Rooted Nutrition philosophy, about what I believe constitutes a healthy life and what it takes to get there.  I mentioned that health is found in more than just the food you eat (or don’t eat) and the workouts you do (or don’t do).  It is found in that sweet spot where a healthy mind, body, and diet come together, in that happy place I call balance.  Where you can look at food and not feel stressed out or like a failure, where food has no power over you, but you have power over the choices you make.  It is the place where you can go out with your friends without the fear of messing up your diet and enjoy yourself and the foods you want to eat.  It is the place where you appreciate, value, and, dare I say it, love your body for what it is and what it does for you each and every day, where you honor your body and give it what it needs to thrive.  It is the place where you choose to live a life rooted in health and happiness.     

You can be doing everything “right”, eating super healthy, working out every day, and still not seeing the results that you hope for.  You could be restricting your calories, eliminating food groups that are “bad”, and killing yourself at the gym, but something is still missing.  That something might just be your mindset. 

What are your intentions for the way you are choosing to live, what is your relationship with food, how do you view the body you have been given?  Are you trying to maintain an unsustainable lifestyle just to lose weight?  Are you on the seemingly never-ending roller coaster of dieting, restricting, “failing” the diet, gaining all your weight back and then some, going on another diet, restricting, failing, and so on?  Do you feel like your body just isn’t good enough, skinny enough, strong enough, fit enough?  I know these feelings well; I’ve felt all of these feelings.   

There are 3 pieces to the healthy puzzle, and they are your mind, your body, and your food. 

Without a healthy mindset you are just spinning your wheels, most likely unhappy with the way things are going, never content, and not seeing the results you want.  Without caring for your body well through exercise, sleep, and learning to deal with stress in a healthy way, you will not be able to sustain the rate at which you are going and most likely feel burnt out and defeated.  Without healthy food, your body and your mind cannot function at their best, you are not fueling your body well, yet you are continually asking it to perform at its best every day. 

Health is more than just another restrictive diet.  It is learning to listen to your body, give it what it needs, honor it with the choices you make and the way you care for it, moving it and resting it, and making the most of the journey that is this life. 

That’s my take on health, that’s the way I try to live, and that is what has brought me the peace and confidence to finally live my healthiest life without restricting, stressing or hyper focusing on food and exercise. 

I would love to help you live your healthiest life too.  Reach out if you’re ready, and take the first step towards a healthier mindset, body, and diet.           

Workout of the Week

20 Minute Bodyweight Backyard Workout

For this workout, put 20 minutes on the clock and make it through the circuit as many times as you can in those 20 minutes.

Have fun and happy sweating!

20 Minutes - As Many Rounds As Possible

10 Squat jumps

10 Push ups

10 Skiers (on each side)

10 Supermen

10 Lunge jumps (on each side)

10 Sprinters (on each side)

10 Burpees

2 Sprints up and back - if you don’t have the space, you can jumprope, do toe taps on the steps, or any other form of cardio burst.

New Look, New Name, New Start


Hello again! It’s been awhile, but I am back with a new name, a new look, and ready for a fresh start.

Welcome to Rooted Nutrition!

Don’t worry, it’s still me, I was just time for A.M.Fit to get a little brand refresh.  While A.M.Fit served me well over the years, it was more focused on my personal training business and less on my work as a dietitian.  So much about me, what I offer, and what I believe about health and living a healthy life has changed.  So, I figured it was time to really go for it and change it all!

Why Rooted Nutrition?

After I had both of my kids, life looked a whole lot different.  After having my second baby, I took a big step back from working to be with my kids and give them all of my focus and attention, which was exactly what I felt like I was supposed to do. As time went on, I was starting to feel the itch to do a little more.  I am first and foremost a mom.  It is the greatest gift, and biggest challenge, of my life.  My family and my kids will always be my priority, and I know that deep in my heart.  There is also a part of me that has always been passionate about helping people live their healthiest lives, and I feel that is also something I am meant to do with my life. 

As I gave my all to my children each and every day, I felt like I was losing a little bit of myself along the way.  I found myself being frustrated with my kids easily, losing patience, focusing on the negative, and feeling like a failure because I couldn’t seem to be 100% mom and 100% working woman who helped provide financially for her family as well.  I was letting myself get beat down by the daily struggles of life as a parent of 2 small kids and I felt like I was losing the battle. 

I don’t like to lose, and I don’t take myself for someone who gives up when things get tough.  I am a do-er and I want to fix things when I feel like they are off, and I felt like I was off.  So, I sat myself down and had the tough conversation with myself that needed to be had.  If I wanted things to change, and I wanted to start enjoying this life that I was blessed with, then it was my responsibility to change my outlook on life.  I could choose to look at things in a negative light, or I could choose to find the positive in every situation and challenge myself to grow every day. 

It was time to make some changes. 

I started on a journey that has brought me to a place where I have so much more peace, confidence, and joy than I was allowing myself before.

I started taking back responsibility for my thoughts, choices, and attitude each day.  I got up early before the kids each day and started my day with journaling, prayer, a devotional, mediation, and time with me and my thoughts, setting my intention for the day.  I chose happiness, gratitude, joy, and kindness.  I certainly wasn’t perfect, buh-lieve-me, but I was trying, and that made all the difference.  

As I was doing my devotional one morning and trying to figure out what I should do with my business and how to find that precious balance of momming and working, the image of an onion came to me, and all of a sudden, I had a clear vision for the idea behind my new brand.  An onion has layers, as does this life, as do we as people.  The roots of the onion are dug deep into the ground, laying the foundation for a strong, beautiful flower to grow – or as I see it, the roots we choose to dig into this life through our mindset and our choices lead to the life we ultimately live.  Now, this is not something you can see above the surface, this is the work you do inside yourself, in your heart and your mind as you challenge yourself to dig deeper into how you want to live.  As you dig in those roots, do the hard work, and allow yourself to grow, a flower emerges, which is the beautiful life you get to live.  Not only do you get to experience the beauty of a healthy, happy life, but those around you get to experience the beauty that you have to offer. 

It seemed so simple, so fitting, so perfect, and I knew right then and there that it was time to rebrand.  It was time for me to dig my roots into this life, into my business, and into the person I wanted to be and the way I wanted to live my life.  It was time to start living in line with my intentions and choosing to live a life rooted in health and happiness.   

I still don’t know where this will take me, but I’m ok with that.  I trust that God has a plan for my life and for my business.  His timing has never been anything but perfect in my life, even if I don’t see it that way at the time, it always seems to work out better if I just trust in Him.  So that’s what I’m going to do.   

I am building Rooted Nutrition slowly, mostly when the kids are napping and after they go to bed, and staying true to what I believe, who I am, and where I feel like this is all supposed to go.  I am following my mission of wanting to help people live their healthiest lives and trying to do it in a way that will give those around me the chance to find the peace and the confidence to live a life rooted in health and happiness.    

The Rooted Nutrition Philosophy

Health is found in more than just the food that you eat and whether or not you go to the gym.  Health is found in your mind, how you care for your body, and through the food that you eat. 

Finding health through mind, body, and food has become the focus of Rooted Nutrition. I am throwing the dieting mentality out the window, doing away with rules and restrictions and helping people find their healthiest life.  

Learn about yourself, your relationship with food and exercise, and become aware of your habits in order to create healthy change.  Live intentionally, set goals, work towards those goals every day, challenge yourself to surpass your own expectations, and live life to the healthiest.  You only get one chance at this life.  Be present, be mindful, and love the life you live.

Get back in touch with how you feel and care for your body in a way that makes you feel good. Fuel your body well, create a workout routine that you enjoy, that makes you feel strong, and that is realistic for your life. Prioritize sleep, learn to deal with stress in a healthy way, and honor your body with the choices you make.  

Food is fuel.  But food is also meant to be enjoyed, not restricted, not a source of stress or confusion, but a source of joy. Fuel your body with the nutrients it needs through a whole-food based diet using my PHFC approach. Learn to listen to your body, eat intuitively, indulge mindfully, and build the trust in yourself to make choices that honor your body.

What I Will Offer

While I have lots of ideas spinning around, I am really trying to keep it as simple as possible so that I can provide exactly what you need to live your healthiest life.  I am doing away with the idea of the initial consult, random follow up appointment here and there and offering my services in a way that will yield the best results for you.

The framework that I have seen work best for my clients, and what research proves most beneficial for lasting behavior change, is working together consistently over an extended period of time.  That allows me to get to know you so that I can best help you, provide feedback, accountability, and guidance to help you navigate all sorts of life situations that can prove challenging when you are trying to create healthy changes.  It also give you a chance to really dig deeper and work through the realities of life to create a healthy lifestyle that makes sense for you.

Here is what I am going to offer as I get this thing started:

A 7 Day Challenge to help you jumpstart your journey towards a life rooted in health and happiness.

My 6-Week Get Rooted Program will give you the chance to learn about all aspects of a healthy life as we explore health in mind, body, and food.  There is so much great content in this one that I am working on as we speak!  You’ll get weekly videos with different topics and homework assignments to focus on, meal plans, workouts, and so much more. 

One-On-One Clients will work closely with me for a period of 3 months as we check in weekly and you have access to my Healthie platform to log your food and workouts, send me messages, and get my feedback and accountability in real time. 

So that’s the story, folks! I am so excited to get started on the journey that is Rooted Nutrition, and I am happy that you are coming along for the ride.  Keep checking back in and I’ll keep putting out blog posts and newsletters with some fun and helpful content.   If there is anything you’d like to hear about in particular, just reach out and let me know!

Stay healthy, friends.