What This Dietitian Eats for Breakfast

I love breakfast.  It’s one of my favorite meals of the day, along with lunch and dinner, and snack time.  So, what does this dietitian eat for breakfast? 

Years ago, my mom and I discovered these crackers called GG Bran Crispbread.  They are a high fiber cracker, slightly tree-barky, and totally crunchy.  I have been eating them on and off for breakfast ever since.  They always seem to find their way back into my breakfast line up for a number of reasons. 


First, convenience.  All I do is slap some almond butter on 2 of those crackers, slice some banana on top, and enjoy (yes, to my husband’s shock and amazement, I actually do enjoy these crackers).  Or, if I’m feeling crazy, I’ll mash some avocado on top and throw a fried egg on each one.  It’s so quick and easy.

GG Crackers.jpg

Second, fiber.  Sometimes it’s tough to eat enough fiber during the day.  And we all know fiber is super important to keep things moving (did I mention that we actually call them poopy crackers in my house?  Just sayin).  Two of these crackers have about 30% of your daily fiber.  That’s a good deal. 

Third, they keep me full for a really, really long time.  By the looks of them, you would think you would be hungry about 5 minutes later.  But, no.  The fiber from the cracker paired with the fat from the almond butter, or the fat from the avocado and the protein from the egg keep me full all morning long, seriously!   

My tips for enjoying these crackers to their fullest:

Drink lots of water with them, that will help keep your system moving and flush everything out. 

Put something on top that you enjoy, because by themselves they are an acquired taste.  I like them, and I still haven’t acquired a taste for them plain yet. 

My favorite toppings:

- Almond butter/peanut butter and banana

- Avocado and fried egg

- Hummus, grilled chicken, cheese, and arugula

Hope you like them!