Go-To Snacks

Snacks, my favorite meal of the day.


If it was acceptable to snack all day long, I would.  I just love munching on something salty and crunchy, I can’t help myself.  However, the dietitian and trainer in me knows that I should probably be more mindful about my snacks and plan them out throughout the day if I want to stay on track.  First, let’s talk about a few tips for choosing healthy snacks.  Then, I’ll give you my top 5 go-to snack ideas.


Snacking tips:

Although snacking could be life, try not to do it all day long. 

In fact, try to get most of your nutrients and daily nutrition from your meals, and keep the snacking to a good pre or post workout snack.  If you find yourself really hungry throughout the day, double check that you’re getting enough at your meals, and if not, bulk those up a little bit. 

Choose snacks that fill in the blanks of your meals

Ideally, you’re getting most of your nutrients from your meals and minimizing mindless snacking in general.  But, if you find that you’re hungry throughout the day or you need something quick to grab on the run, look at your day as a whole and find where there may be gaps in your meals.  For example, if you missed adding a healthy fat to breakfast in the morning, have a snack of nuts mid-morning.  If lunch didn’t have quite enough protein, grab a hardboiled egg or 2 in the afternoon. 

Try to keep them around 200 calories

Otherwise, you’re getting into meal territory, and, see above.  Snacks should be something small that will hold you over until your next meal, not something you’re relying on to sustain you for long periods of time.

Pack your snacks with nutrients

Don’t grab candy or a bag of chips, those don’t offer much in the way of nutrients.  Rather, make sure your snacks are made of real food that will provide good fuel and great nutrients to keep you energized.

Avoid high sugar options

When you’re looking for something to give you that boost in the afternoon, you may be tempted to grab something sweet.  High sugar snacks can give you that immediate energy burst, but beware, the crash will come shortly after.  To avoid the inevitable sugar high and crash, grab something with good protein and healthy fat to sustain you until your meal.

Make it mindful

Plan out your meals and snacks for the day.  Mindfully planning will help you avoid mindless eating.  If you know what you’re having for your snack, you can easily avoid other temptations.

Bring them with you and stock up

Don’t forget to actually bring your snacks with you for the day.  Throw some back-ups in your car, your purse, your gym bag, your golf bag, or wherever else you can fit them.  That way, you won’t run into a situation where you’re starving and have no healthy options.

Top 5 go-to snacks

1.     Hardboiled egg and a piece of fruit:  Hardboiled eggs are super easy to make in big batches, store in the fridge, and transport throughout the day.  Grab a few of those and some fruit, and you have a high protein, healthy fat, good fiber and carb combo to fuel you pre or post workout.

2.     Trader Joe’s Trailmix Packets:  These little guys are so stinking convenient.  They come pre-packaged in little, individual servings.  The varieties of combinations are endless, and they are easy to stuff in your purse for any unexpected snacking moment.

3.     Veggies and Hummus:  The best part about this snack, the unlimited amounts of veggies you can consume with little caloric damage.  You need crunch? Check.  You need flavor?  Check. You like to dip things in other things? Check.  This has it all. 

4.     Siggi’s Yogurt:  If you haven’t tried Siggi’s yogurts yet, you must.  Yogurts are really convenient in their little individual containers, and these particular yogurts offer great ingredients, really interesting flavors, tons of protein, and very little added sugars. 

5.     Rx Bars: Peanut butter is my favorite.  Also, check out this post where Rx Bars won the bar taste test.  These bars offer great protein, fiber, and quality ingredients without any added sugar.  And, they taste great.

Happy snacking!