Workout of the Week

30 Minute At Home, Snow Day Workout

More snow.  Yuck.  Since it looks like we might get stuck inside again, and we may not be able to make it to the gym, here's a quick workout you can do at home in your living room so you don't have to skip your workout!   

Put 30 minutes on the clock and make it through this circuit as many times as you can.

15 Push-ups
15 Squat jumps
15 Tricep dips (use your coffee table)
15 Lunge hops on right (do a reverse lunge stepping back with left leg, drive left knee up and hop off right foot, then land back on right foot and send left leg back into a lunge again)
15 Lunge hops on left
15 Crunches
15 Superman (lie on your stomach with arms reaching overhead.  Lift your upper body and lower body off the floor.  Squeeze your legs together and squeeze your butt, then lower back down)
Run up and down the stairs 3 times or do 30 seconds of toe taps on the bottom step