My Favorite Products this Month

I often get asked about products: what do I eat, what do I recommend, what are my go-to healthy staples?  Well, each week I feature a new product on my instagram accountand at the end of each month I'll compile them here for you. 

Here's what I have been loving recently



Why I love it: 
Kimchi is a spicy fermented, pickled cabbage that is full of gut-friendly probiotics.  It's a flavorful addition to stir fry, cauliflower fried rice, salads, or anything else you can think of!



Salad Dressing

Carrot Ginger Miso &
Green Goddess Dressings

Why I love them:
You know how other people's salads always taste better than your own?  These dressings will make your salad taste like you bought it somewhere fancy.


Siggi's Yogurt

No added sugar, flavored yogurts.

Why I love it:
Finally, a flavored yogurt with no added sugar!!  You can enjoy the tasty flavors without the unnecessary sugar.


Pizza Crust

Sprouted Whole Grain

Why I love it:
These super thin pizza crusts are the perfect answer to your weeknight pizza craving.  Top them with some pesto, arugula, and cheese and they are ready in no time!