Workout of the Week

Arms and Abs

This workout will focus on your arms and your abs. You'll do a circuit of exercises 3 times, alternating between arm exercises and ab exercises. The rounds will decrease in reps, 20 for the first round, 15 for the second round, and 10 for the third round.  You'll need a physioball and some weights to get through this one.  Good luck and happy sweating!


Flies on the physioball

Decline push-ups: legs on the physioball

Crunches on the physioball

Pullovers on the physioball (head and neck on the ball, pull weight over your head with straight arms, then drive it back up)

Straight arm crunches on physioball (reach arms overhead swueeze biceps by ears)

Lunge row left

Lunge row right

Reverse fly with hips on physioball (facing the physioball, hips on the ball, toes on the ground, extend through your spine and lift your chest. Then do a reverse fly with light weights)

Mountain climbers on the physioball (on each side)

Bicep curl/overhead press

Tricep extension

In and out abs: balance on tailbone, hug knees into chest. Extend legs out, keeping them off the ground, reach arms out to the sides, then hug knees back in)

Lateral raise

Front raise

1 minute plank