Workout of the Week

Interval Workout

Good news, people, there will be no burpees happening in this workout.  You won’t find any squats or push-ups either.  And that is because you’ll be too busy sprinting.  This workout is going to challenge your cardiovascular ability as you sprint your way through a high intensity interval circuit.  Now, when I say sprinting, that is different for everyone.  For beginners, sprinting may be a fast walk, and for seasoned runners, an all out sprint.  Regardless of your fitness level, use this workout to challenge yourself to move as fast as you can for a short period of time before recovering and doing it all over again.  

Note:  This workout can be done outside, on a treadmill, elliptical, bike, rowing machine, or whatever your preferred form of cardio may be.  

30s sprint :: 60s recovery x 8

40s sprint :: 70s recovery x 6

50s sprint :: 80s recovery x 4

60s sprint :: 90s recovery x 2