Workout of the Week

Ladder Workout

You're going to start this workout with 5 burpees, then increase your reps by 5 for each exercise until you reach 25 mountain climbers.  After you've done 25 reps, you're going to work your way back down, decreasing by 5 reps for each exercise until you're back to 5 pull ups at the end. Try to make it up and down the ladder 5 times as quickly as you can.

5 burpees

10 push-ups

15 dead lift

20 sprinters (single count)

25 mountain climbers (on each side)

20 squat with overhead press

15 Tricep dips

10 rotating planks (single count. start in plank on your hands, rotate all the way over to the left, stack your feet then rotate to your right side and do the same thing). 

5 pull ups