Workout of the Week

Ladder Workout

You're going to start this workout with 5 burpees, then increase your reps by 5 for each exercise until you reach 25 mountain climbers.  After you've done 25 reps, you're going to work your way back down, decreasing by 5 reps for each exercise until you're back to 5 pull ups at the end. Try to make it up and down the ladder 5 times as quickly as you can.

5 burpees

10 push-ups

15 dead lift

20 sprinters (single count)

25 mountain climbers (on each side)

20 squat with overhead press

15 Tricep dips

10 rotating planks (single count. start in plank on your hands, rotate all the way over to the left, stack your feet then rotate to your right side and do the same thing). 

5 pull ups 

Workout of the Week

Interval Workout

Good news, people, there will be no burpees happening in this workout.  You won’t find any squats or push-ups either.  And that is because you’ll be too busy sprinting.  This workout is going to challenge your cardiovascular ability as you sprint your way through a high intensity interval circuit.  Now, when I say sprinting, that is different for everyone.  For beginners, sprinting may be a fast walk, and for seasoned runners, an all out sprint.  Regardless of your fitness level, use this workout to challenge yourself to move as fast as you can for a short period of time before recovering and doing it all over again.  

Note:  This workout can be done outside, on a treadmill, elliptical, bike, rowing machine, or whatever your preferred form of cardio may be.  

30s sprint :: 60s recovery x 8

40s sprint :: 70s recovery x 6

50s sprint :: 80s recovery x 4

60s sprint :: 90s recovery x 2

Products of the Month

For my monthly round-up of products I am loving, I have 2 to share with you today.  Here they are...


Red Lentil Pasta

Why I love it:

Red Lentil Pasta is a great alternative to regular, wheat-based pasta.  It is gluten free, the only ingredient is lentil flour, it's packed full of protein and fiber, and it's delicious! 


Brazil Nuts


Why I love them:

Brazil Nuts pack a serious nutritional punch.  Just a few of these nuts provide your daily dose of selenium - a mineral that is great for thyroid health, among many other health benefits.

Workout of the Week

30 Minute At Home, Snow Day Workout

More snow.  Yuck.  Since it looks like we might get stuck inside again, and we may not be able to make it to the gym, here's a quick workout you can do at home in your living room so you don't have to skip your workout!   

Put 30 minutes on the clock and make it through this circuit as many times as you can.

15 Push-ups
15 Squat jumps
15 Tricep dips (use your coffee table)
15 Lunge hops on right (do a reverse lunge stepping back with left leg, drive left knee up and hop off right foot, then land back on right foot and send left leg back into a lunge again)
15 Lunge hops on left
15 Crunches
15 Superman (lie on your stomach with arms reaching overhead.  Lift your upper body and lower body off the floor.  Squeeze your legs together and squeeze your butt, then lower back down)
Run up and down the stairs 3 times or do 30 seconds of toe taps on the bottom step


Workout of the Week


30 minutes on the clock, 10 reps of each exercise, as many rounds as you can.  That is the challenge for this workout.  Get ready to move fast, with good form, and push yourself out of your comfort zone.  Good luck!

10 Reps of each x 30 minutes total

Dead lifts
Squat with overhead press
Decline push ups (feet on physioball or bench)
Lunge row (on each side): In a lunge with right leg forward, place right forearm on right thigh.  Flatten back and do a row with the left arm
Lateral shoulder raise
Punches with weights
Sit ups
30 second cardio burst (sprint, high knees, jump rope, run up the stairs, etc.)