Rooted Nutrition Memberships

A Rooted Nutrition membership offers you the opportunity to truly change your life.  After beginning with an initial consult to establish a starting point based on current routines and habits, we will conduct weekly nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle behavior counseling for as long as you need to achieve your goals and lasting success.  Lifestyle change does not happen overnight, so as a Rooted Nutrition member, you have the continual guidance, advice, and accountability you need to stay motivated to reach your health and fitness goals.  

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Location and Virtual Practice

I conduct in-person sessions around the Main Line, just outside of Philadelphia, as well as virtual sessions using the online platform Healthie.  All plans and memberships offer free Healthie subscription so clients can track food, workouts, and progress with realtime feedback from me.  Use the app to message or video chat me directly.  It's like having a dietitian in your pocket!  

Membership Details

  • Initial Consultation

  • Weekly check-ins with nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle behavior counseling

  • Food diary tracking with photo log feature

  • Exercise and metrics tracking

  • Continual feedback and accountability

  • Unlimited Healthie communication

1-Month Membership


For one month, we will work together to create a plan to help jump start your healthy lifestyle.

3-Month Membership


Accountability, motivation, and goal setting are key to making changes that stick.  Over the three months, we will work closely together to help you realize, achieve, and exceed your goals. 


6-Month Membership


Small changes amount to big, lasting changes.  Over the six months, you will gain the tools to change your behavior, your relationship with food and exercise, and adopt new habits to last you a lifetime.